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The Alphacool D-RAM water block is one of the few water blocks which uses the stock heatspreaders on RAM modules for mounting.

In typical Alphacool design, copper cooling plate and Acetal top, this RAM water block is designed to allow even beginners easy and quick mounting: Remove the old passive heatsinks, usually by removing three hexagonal socket screws and taking off the heatsinks. Then remove the old thermal compound and apply a new thermal interface (not included). The now cavant threads in the heatsink can now be used to mount the new water block with the old screws - done!

Mainboard compatibility:
This water block is designed to cover up to 2 neighbouring slots.

By design this water block allows ideal cooling performance even with low flow rates under 60l/h.

Technical specifications:
Material: Copper, Plexi
Colour: Black
Connection threads: 2x G1/4"
Dimensions (LxWxH): 125.1 x 22.7 x 16mm
RAM modules: Up to 2 pcs.

Compatibility with these RAM water blocks

Extent of delivery:
1x Alphacool D-RAM water block
Allen key

This product has been reviewed for you:

Alphacool recommended for correct operation of the water cooling distilled water!

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Коннектор 2xG1/4
Размеры 125.1 × 22.7 × 16 мм
Штрихкод 4250197171823
Код производителя 17182
Производитель Alphacool
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Вес 0.152 кг
Совместимость 2x RAM
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