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The new „Smart Motion Cooling Plate” – series is a development based on the famous Smart Motion Universal Cooler and was improved to cool also multiple areas of main boards. The cooling plate is a full copper plate made by a high precision CNC machine. It absorbs the heat from the main board (for example northbridge, southbridge, voltage converter) . The copper plate is silver nickel plated and has a classical functional design.
On the copper plate there are at least one mini water cooler, which can be connected to the water cooling loop. This mini water cooler adsorbs the heat from the copper plate and cools it down.
As result of the slim construction of the copper plate there is no conflict with graphic cards, so that this main board water cooler can also be used even with SLI systems.

Main board customized water cooler for voltage converter and / or chipsets
Top is made of high quality POM
Bottom is CNC made from E-CU copper and fits perfect to the related main board
Mounting holes are already included in the copper plate

Technical details:
Measurements: 145x116x5,2 (18,1mm at the connection)
Threads: G1/4
Material top: POM
Material bottom: copper nickel plated
Compatible with these mainboards: ASRock Z77 OC Formula

Mainboard list

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Производитель Alphacool
Совместимость ASRock Z77 OC Formula
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