Водоблок Alphacool NexXxoS GPX для видеокарты Nvidia Geforce GTX TITAN Black M01 (с бэкплейтом)

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With the new NexXxoS GPX coolers Alphacool is again a step ahead! Optimum performance and quality in a new cooling design for a great price!

A new sophisticated injection system means the GPU is actively cooled. All other chips are sufficiently cooled by the passive cooler which is also in contact with the watercooling block for extra efficiency.

The patented technology "Philips structure" from the Alpha NexXxoS XP in 2004, was further developed improving the base plate. The Fins and channel structure has been further refined. The fins are now 0.5 x 0.5 mm and 2.5 mm high. This enables a very large and rapid heat transfer from the copper to the coolant.

SLI mode: The inlet and outlet are positioned of easy use in SLI mode. Up to four graphics cards can also be connected with the Alphacool GPX SLI connector. (Available separately)

Back plate: The GPX range always Includes a back plate which uses small passive fins to cool rear of the graphics card.

Cooling fins: The passive front plate cooling uses 18mm deep cooling fins that cover the rest of the graphics card completely.

ASUS GTXTITANBLACK-6GD5, GeForce GTX Titan Black, 6GB GDDR5 (90YV05W0-U0NA00)

Scope of delivery:
1x VGA cooler
1x Back plate
Thermal pads
Thermal Compound
mounting material

Important:By the height of the backplate is not compatible with Mini-ITX Mainboards.

configurator for VGA cooler.

The installation manual can be downloaded here

compatibility list Nvidia



Alphacool recommended for correct operation of the water cooling distilled water!

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