Винты 3,5x40мм (4 шт) Torx - черный

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For mounting of Thermochill radiators (or shroud) with a 25mm fan, with faceplate or grill in a case top. As the screws have a countersunk head a faceplate, fan grill or washer must be used. Otherwise the screw may sink into the soft fan frame material, resulting in them to be screwed in too far, consequently damaging or destroying the radiator. Please also make sure that the gasket will not be compressed too far.
Per fan 4 screws are required. On flat-headed screws the length refers to the actual thread length. On countersunk screws the whole screw length is given. These screws cut their own thread and can afterwards easily be removed and re-inserted.

Extent of delivery:
4 pieces 3,5x40mm black nickel plated self-tapping screws(Torx)

Please note:
Overtightening the screws may damage the radiator. Please make sure that the screws do not damage the fins of the radiator. Damages due to improper use are not covered by the warranty.

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