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Phobya's multi-decoupling for virtually all kinds of pumps in the watercooling sector.

One of the main concerns when using a watercooling system is silent operation. One of the most important things to achieve a silent system is decoupling of the pump, absorbing the vibration from the pump. Many solutions are available, but none are as matured as the Phobya version!

2 hard sheets with a soft foam core - this combination will absorb all vibrations!

The multitude of mounting possibilities also makes the Phobya decoupler a whole new step in development. Both side mats are equipped with double-sided tape. For simple decoupling simply pull off the four protective foils and stick the mats together: You are now set to go! If you wish to fixate the decoupler you may also screw on the Phobya Noise Destructor. Holes for virtually all pumps are already pre-punched. Combined with item No. 52010 this pump can again be fixed with screws and another absorbing element is integrated. These holes may also be used for the bottom to fixate the opposite side.

Pump compatibility (pre-punched holes):
amongst others: Laing DDC, Laing D5, Eheim 1046 (HPPS, Aquastream, Watercool 12V), Eheim 1048, Magicool 12V, Phobya DC 260 & DC 400, EK-DCP 2,2 & DCP 4,0

Technical specifications:
Material: Foam, hard rubber
Colour: black/grey
Dimensions (W x H x D): 96 x 80 x 30mm
Hard rubber sheet thickness: 5mm

As useful accessories we recommend items No. 52010 or 52007 and/or suitable mounting screws & nuts.

Extent of delivery:
1x Phobya Noise Destructor V.1 for pump decoupling

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