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Proven manifold for years, the Shoggy Sandwich is now also available as a All-in-one kit.

New version 2.0:
With immediate effect we now offer the version 2.0 of the build kit for the original Shoggy Sandwich. The kit consists of the original components which just have to be put together. The Foamed rubber is now equipped with a self-adhesive coating on one side and can therefore easily be attached to the other layer. When correctly used a safe hold for the pump is achieved and no additional glue has to be purchased. The included screw kit is suitable for use with the Eheim pumps 1046 and 1048 as well as the aquastream series.

The kit contains all parts which are personally recommended by Shoggy:
2x Foam rubber sheet pad approx. 9x9cm
1x Sponge rubber sheet pad approx. 9x9cm
8x Screws M5x16, flat head
8x Nut M4

Only all-purpose glue or hot-melt glue is required additionally

More information regarding installation can be found here

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