Виброизоляция Alphacool для помп Laing

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Very effective and straight-forward designed vibration absorber combination for the Laing pump, consisting of a velcro mat and a suitable piece of absorbing material. The insulating properties of the velcro mat are being supported by the noise-absorbing and vibration-reducingproperties of the insulating mat. No pump or hose included! For optimal absorption we recommend a three-layer setup as follows:

Case floor - velcro mat - insulating mat - velcro mat - pump

Properties of the insulation:
12mm combined sheet, self-adhesive, containing 2mm bitumen sheet and 10mm PUR soft foam with hexagonal dimples
2mm bitumen sheet, self-adhesive
Effective against noise and vibration
Grammage: Combined mat 12mm = 4,2kg/m² / bitumen sheet 2mm = 1,75kg/m²
Contains: Pure bitumen, jura chalk and soap stone powder. The glue and the mats are absolutely odour-free! Document of compliance from the manufacturer is available.

1x Velcro mat approx. 100x120mm
1x Insulating mat approx. 50x50mm

Please note: Pump not included

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