Вентилятор для корпуса Scythe Kaze Flex (2000rpm) 120мм

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Код артикула: 1014450
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Based on the acclaimed Kaze Flex PWM fans, which were used in the multiple-award-winning Mugen 5 CPU cooler, this fan series carries a complete lineup of three different models. Here, too, the sealed precision FDB ensures a lifespan of over 120,000 hours. The decouplers mounted to the fan frame reduce vibration and create a very low noise level.


  • Sealed Precision FDB
    In order to guarantee quiet running and a long lifespan, the fans in the Kaze Flex series use a sealed fluid dynamic bearing (FDB). The bearing and shaft are made entirely of high-quality compressed metal and are coated with a special heat-resistant (up to 250°C) oil film. This drastically reduces friction to ensure quiet running and reduced wear and tear, resulting in an average lifespan of 120,000 hours.
  • Integrated Decouplers
    The Kaze Flex fan series comes equipped with anti-vibration and shock-absorbing rubber padding on the tunnelless mounting holes. These decouplers effectively prevent any potential vibration transfer and contribute to the fans' silent operation.
  • Diverse Applications
    The Kaze Flex fan series is available in several different power levels and provides a custom solution for any application.
  • Accessories
    A generously-proportioned 50 cm sleeved connector cable and an adaptor for direct connection to a power supply enable installation in virtually any system.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 27 mm
  • Fan RPM: 2000 RPM
  • Volume level: 38 dBA
  • Air flow: 89.04 CFM = 151 m?/h
  • Static pressure: 2.99 mmH?O / 29.4 Pa
  • Operating voltage: 12 V
  • Current: 0.46 A
  • Power consumption: 5.52 W
  • Weight: 140 g
  • Connection: 3-pin
  • Accessories: 3-pin to 4-pin Molex adaptor, 4x screws
  • Bearing: sealed fluid dynamic bearing
  • MTTF: 120,000 hours (25°C)


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Цвет ротора серый
Цвет рамки черный
Производитель Scythe
Размер вентилятора 120 мм
Скорость вращения 2000 об/мин
Диапазон скорости вращения 2000 - 9000 об/мин
Управление скоростью вращения (PWM) Да
Подсветка Нет
Минимально допустимое напряжение 7,0 В
Статическое давление 2,99 мм водяного столба
Разъем питания 3-Pin Molex
Время наработки на отказ (MTBF) 120000 ч
Диапазон уровня шума 38 дБ(А)
Уровень шума 30 - 49,9 дБ(А)
Номинальное напряжение 12 В
Размеры 120 × 120 × 27 мм
Диапазон воздушного потока 150 - 199 м3/ч
Код производителя SU1225FD12H-RP
Штрихкод 4571225056173
Примечание Товар поставляется только после полной предоплаты
Вес 0.251 кг
Потребляемая мощность 5.52 Вт
Воздушный поток 151 м3/ч
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