Резервуар Aquacomputer aqualis 150мл с нанопокрытием для помп Laing D5

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All reservoirs of the aqualis series are equipped with a borosilicate glass tube. In contrast to acrylic glass, which is often used for tube reservoirs, borosilicate glass is extremele hard and scratch-resistant, features superb thermal and chemical resistance and a very low thermal expansion. The glass tubes of the 100 ml and 150 ml variants have an outer diameter of 50 mm and a wall thickness of 5 mm. Base and top of the aqualis reservoirs are made from Delrin and connected by a stainless steel rod.

The aqualis D5 100/150 ml variants are designed to be mounted directly to a Laing D5 pump. Four rubber decouplers (art. no. 41092) can be installed in the rear of the reservoir's base part.

All 100 ml and 150 ml variants are also available with a nano coating that will cause water to roll off the inner surface of the borosilicate glass tube.

Technical details:
Outer diameter glass tube: 50mm
Dimensions without pump: approx. 80 x 80 x 185 mm
Dimensions with pump (not included in delivery): approx. 80 x 80 x 220 mm
Filling volume: approx. 100 ml
Connection threads: G1/4

Scope of delivery:
One Reservoir
Two sealing screws G1/4 (preinstalled)
Clamping ring and four screws (to attach the pump to the resevoir)

Please note: Fittings are not included in delivery, please order seperately. Laing D5 pump and rubber decouplers are not included in delivery!

Общие характеристики 118, obshchie_kharakteristiki, divider, 0, 4
Коннектор Внутренняя резьба G1/4"
Материал Боросиликатное стекло
Штрихкод 4260073417846
Код производителя 34082
Производитель Aquacomputer
Примечание Товар поставляется только после полной предоплаты
Цвет черный
Вес 0.761 кг
Совместимость Поточный насос
Встроенная помпа Нет
Тип Aqualis
Количество коннекторов 2
Отверстие для LED подсветки Нет
Заливное отверстие (Fillport) Внутренняя резьба G1/4"
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