Проточный фильтр Phobya (внутренняя резьба G1/4") - черный никель

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The new Magicool filter is made from brass and is ideal for watercooling loops with micro-structure waterblocks. The filter avoids clogging of the micro-structure waterblocks, as such waterblocks are very hard to clean manually due to their sensitive structures. The filter offers one great advantage: It can be disassembled and the filter structure itself can be cleaned e.g with a brush. The filter unit can also be ordered separately to save cost when replacing it. (Art. No 94060) The filter is designed to be of very little restriction to the coolant flow. It actually is 50% larger than a hose with an inner diameter of 8mm or 30% larger than a hose with an inner diameter of 10mm. Therefore this filter is ideal for Highflow systems. Only when the filter is clogged to 30 respectively 50% a reduction of flow is noticeable. The filter also traps air when clean, and releases it when the flow is noticeably reduced, therefore giving an obvious sign when cleaning is required.

Technical data:

Dimensions: 20x25mm (LxD)
Material: Brass black nickel coated
Filter: Micro-structure filter made form stainless steel
Connection threads: G1/4"

Extent of delivery:

Filter unit consisting of two brass parts, O-ring seal and filter mesh. Completely mounted.

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