Открытый стенд для компьютера Phobya WaCoolT Aluminium Edition

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Phobya's first Benchtable, the result of many years of experience in the water cooling and overclocking sector!

Overclocking and driving hardware to the limit requires being up to date at all times. This results in frequent rebuilds and system modifications which are much easier and quicker with an open Chassis.
Many manufacturers have introduced their interpretation of a benchtable - There are the cheap ones which are made from thin material, and often so light that the installation of a multi-kilogram LN2 pot brings them to the edge of collapsing.
Modding-oriented benchtables often look spectacular, are sometimes even made only from Plexi, but are also no good for serious overclocking.
Of course there are the well-built and sturdy benchtables which were designed by overclockers for overclockers, but the hefty price tag makes them almost impossible to afford for newcomers and even for many experienced overclockers. And even getting your hands on one of those can be a challenge!

But now there is another option: Phobya’s developer team has taken on the challenge and designed a benchtable which is sturdy, has unique and handy features and looks great - without the hefty price tag! The new WaCoolIT benchtable has managed to combine all of these features in one great overall package!
For more detailed information, we have highlighted some of the features of this new product from Phobya:

The basic principle:
Open top-side mounting of the Mainboard ensures maximum accessibility, while long mounting spacers allow clean cable and tubing routing below the Mainboard - a unique feature on the market!
Mounts on the top level allow installation of additional fans as well as stabilization of graphics cards and other expansion cards.
For full utilization of the cable and tubing routing options, multiple openings were integrated between top and bottom level. Round 22mm openings are intended for tubing and smaller cables, oval 22x70mm openings for EATX plugs and cables.
At the bottom level the HDDs, optical drives, PSUs as well as water cooling elements can be installed. The complete lower base plate can be pulled out on rails after removal of four small screws. This comes in very handy during installation of the components!

Water cooling:
Phobya's roots lie in the water cooling sector, hence many unique and handy features allowing water cooling installation were built in.

Both left and right side of the benchtable feature mounting holes for radiators. Either a 360mm or 280mm radiator without thickness restrictions can be installed on each side thanks to a freely configurable bottom level.
As the ultimate cooling performance boost, the bottom of the Benchtable is also equipped with mounting holes for a Supernova radiator. When using such a radiator, we recommend using spacers to allow free air circulation.

Pump mount
As in the the Phobya WaCoolIT cases, M4 threads for installation of pumps with screws or decoupling elements are integrated into the benchtable. These mounting threads are not only machined into the bottom plate, but into a separate plate which can be repositioned if needed or even left our completely if not utilized. Compatible pumps, amongst others, are the Laing DDC, Laing D5, Eheim 1046 (HPPS, Aquastream, Watercool 12V), Eheim 1058, Magicool 12V, Phobya DC 260 & DC400, EK-DCP 2.2 & DCP 4.0.

Standard solutions such as a Slot-In reservoir can of course be installed in the drive bays. But isn’t a vertical tube reservoir better, allowing easier filling and looking great? Those considerations were also made by Phobya: Both at the left and right side, the 21cm high benchtable has mounting holes spaced 12cm apart - ideal for installation of tube reservoirs!

Looks and quality
The whole benchtable is made from aluminium and brushed black, resulting not only in a great looking piece of hardware, but also a very sturdy base for your system! All edges are cleanly angled and deburred, and even all mounting screws, except the invisible Mainboard mount screws, are black!
Another highlight of this benchtable is the front - Instead of standard buttons respectively switches, two 19mm holes around the Phobya logo can be used to fit buttons to your liking. The 19mm format allows use of many available buttons and switches. And when you are looking for the best quality at an affordable price, Phobya offers a wide array of suitable buttons and switches!
All opening between the levels of the benchtable have an additional rubber lip installed, protecting cables and tubing as well as creating a well-organized appearance!

Technical specifications:
Material: Aluminium
Surface finish: brushed black
Dimensions without extra structure (L x W x H): 500 x 500 x 225mm
Thread size: M4
Button opening: 2x 19mm
Radiator mount compatibility: 2x 360 or 2x 280
Mainboard compatibility: ATX, mATX (Micro-ATX), eATX, µATX, SR-2
5.25" drive bays: 3
3.5" drive bays: 3
PSU bays: 1
Additional fan mounting brackets: 3x 120mm
Weight: 10,5kg

Extent of delivery:

Phobya WaCoolT benchtable Black
Mounting material
Slot mounting brackets for graphics card
1x 120mm mount
2x 120mm mount

This product has been tested for you:
Note: The optional buttons (not included) are available in black and silver at our shop.

This product has been tested for you:
Hardware Journal

Note: The optional buttons (not included) are available in black and silver at our shop


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