Оплетка для проводов Alphacool AlphaCord 4мм - 3,3м (10ft) - серебро (Paracord 550 Typ 3)

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The Alphacool AlphaCord Sleeve is made of paracord, which makes it superior to many other types of sleeving in several ways. It is much more opaque than fabric and plastic sleeves, and a cable with this sleeve remains more flexible at its ends than with a plastic sleeve, for example. This makes it easier to get the cable into the right position and also easier to lay. The higher opacity is especially good when laying cables in a tight radius.

You won't need any of the usual shrink tubing during assembly. Just melt at the contact point, press together and tighten at the other cable end, and then repeat the process. Just like that, the sleeve is tight and can't slip.

Technical Details

  • Material: Paracord (550 Type 3)
  • Colour: Silver Grey

Scope of Delivery

  • Alphacool AlphaCord Sleeve 4mm - 3.3m (10ft) - Silver Grey (Paracord 550 Type 3)


Installation Instructions

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Производитель Alphacool
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