Обратный клапан 8-10мм

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Robust high-grade check valve for many applications. When for example two pumps are operating in one loop the check valve prevents backflow through a stopped pump. When integrated directly behind the pump into the loop this valve also eases filling and deaeration.

Technical specifications:
Material: PP
Dimensions: 7cm long, 2,2cm max. outer diameter
Switching pressure H2O: in our test from 120 mbar = 0,120Bar (for comparison purposes: A 400l pump creates approx. 60mbar)
Manufacturer specifications: Switching pressure with air 120 mbar, maximum pressure 2000 mbar
Connector: For tubing with an inner diameter of 8-10mm
Temperature range: 5-80°C
Pressure range: 0-2Bar

Extent of delivery:
1x Check valve 8-10mm

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