Неоновая лампа Revoltec CCFL 30см Twin set - синяя

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With the Revoltec cold light cathodes, stylish lighting can be achieved in any system. Compared to normal flourescent tubes, cold light cathodes offer a much longer lifespan. Cold light cathodes work extremely relialy and can be used for up to 20 years.

Easy installation:
Self-adhesive velcro pads allow quick and easy installation on virtually all surfaces.

Technical specifications:
Color: Blue
Tube length: 28.5cm, approx. 1cm diameter
Overall length: 31.3cm, end pieces 1.5cm square
Voltage: 12V
Power consumption: 3W
Connector type: 4-Pin standard plug, with two sockets

Extent of delivery:
1x Revoltex cold light cathode 30cm twin set - blue Rev. 2
1x Slot cover with 4-Pin Molex connector
1x Protected inverter
Self-adhesive velcro pads


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