Кожух для вентилятора Phobya 120x120x20мм - черный

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This radiator shroud increases the cooling performance of your fan-/radiator combination. Mounted between fan and radiator it allows an more even distribution of the airflow within the chamber, hence eliminating the dead spot behind the fan motor which reduces cooling performance with direct mounting of the fan on the heat exchanger. Multiple chambers may be stacked with longer screws to increase this effect even more. A very important factor when using radiator shrouds is a tight seal between fan, chamber and radiator. Hence we recommend using silicone vibration absorbers such as item No. 80002.

For mounting 15mm longer screws are needed. We recommend:

Item 94543 when mounting without a fan / radiator grill
Item 94544 when mounting with fan / radiator grill

Important: Screwing in the screws too far into the radiator will destroy it! Such damages will not be covered by warranty!


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Производитель Phobya
Размер вентилятора 120 мм
Штрихкод 4049469112554
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Вес 0.097 кг
Цвет черный
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