Контроллер Phobya MaxGuide 6 (для отсека 5,25")

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Phobya's first fan controller without much bric-a-brac, is designed for one main purpose: Full control of the fan speed in your system!

Depending on what your system is doing and what the time of day and year is, the computer need more fan power which results in higher noise emissions, or it can run with slower-spinning fans when a more quiet environment is needed and the summer heat has worn off. This is just what fan controllers like this one are made for and this is what Phobya has designed this unit for. With an unbeatable price compared to similar units Phobya leaves everyone in the dust with the MaxGuide 6 Controller!

The front in classic black Aluminium with the turning knobs, also black, fits into any case with its its timeless design. Built for installation in a 5.25" drive bay this controller fits perfectly into any tower design. A small Phobya logo in the lower right corner shows from which quality manufacturer this controller unit comes. Small red LEDs below the potentiometers show to which channels fans are connected. A L for low and H for high show in which way the knob has to be turned to achieve the desired effect. The adjustment in an speed is achieved via voltage adjustments and with a voltage range of 5-12V the speed range of virtually all fans is covered. The unit draws power via a 4-Pin connector from the system PSU.

If you wish for an affordale, well-designed and reliable way to adjust fan speed this is the perfect choice for you!

Technical specifications:
Material: Aluminium
Colour: Black
Dimensions (LxWxH): 149 x 42 x 68mm
Output voltage: 5-12V
Maximum output current: 10A
Optimal power draw per channel: 6W
Fan channels: 6
Fan connector: 3-Pin
Power connection: 4-Pin Molex 12V DC

Extent of delivery:
1x Phobya MaxGuide 6 Controller
4x Mounting screws
1x 4Pin 450mm Molex power connection cable
6x 3Pin 600mm fan extension cable

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Мощность на канал 6 Вт
Источник питания 4-Pin Molex 12V DC
Выходное напряжение 5 - 12V DC
Количество выходов 6x 3-Pin Molex
Экран Нет
Примечание Товар поставляется только после полной предоплаты
Вес 0.418 кг
Общие характеристики
Штрихкод 4049469122386
Размеры 89 × 149 × 42 мм
Производитель Phobya
Цвет черный
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