Коннектор для шланга угловой 10/8мм MSV - type 2

Код артикула: 62086

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Product description:
This hose connector is compatible to hoses with 10mm outer and 8mm inner diameter. The hose is fixated and selaed tightly by the union nut, yet it can be easily removed with one hand. This system ensures maximum safety and ease of installation.
Perfect for safely installing 90° radiuses in the cooling system.

Material: brass
extent of delivery: 1x10/8mm (8x1mm) L hose connector MSV type 2

Please note:
These fittings are operationally analogue to the other screw-on fittings and are only different by the design of the connector and union nut. This type of fittings was widely distributed until 2006 and was then replaced by the new version. Customers still using the old design are hereby given the option to keep the same design throughout the system when upgrading.
As these "old" fittings are more expensive to aquire and produce, we recommend the use of the currently common fittings for new customers.

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Вращающийся Нет
Производитель Aquatuning
Материал Латунь
Сторона 1 10/8мм
Сторона 2 10/8мм
Конструкция Угловой 90°
Штрихкод 4049469042202
Примечание Товар поставляется только после полной предоплаты
Вес 0.049 кг
Совместимость Мягкий шланг (ПВХ, Силикон, Neoprene)
Цвет серебро
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