Коннектор Aquacomputer kryoconnect для водоблоков kryographics, ширина 7 слотов для 7 видеокарт

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The kryoconnect direct connection kit allows to directly connect up to seven graphics card waterblocks (kryographics series) and can be used for SLI or Crossfire systems.
The kit comes with a connection block made of Delrin which replaces the connection blocks of the individual water blocks. Water blocks can be installed to any combination of the seven positions, making this kit compatible with virtually any type of motherboard. Unused connections can be sealed with stainless steel plates which are included in delivery. Sealing screws are also supplied and can be used to determine whether the waterblocks are connected in parallel or in series.

Suitable for the following waterblocks:
kryographics for GTX Titan (art. 12670, 12673, 12684, 12685)

Scope of delivery:
1 connection block made of Delrin
5 sealing plates made of stainles steel
10 gaskets
15 screws
6 sealing screws

Please note:
Water blocks, graphics cards and fittings are not included in delivery, please order separately. Threads are G 1/4. SLI/Crossfire operation is also possible without this conversion kit using bent fittings.
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