Коннектор Aquacomputer kryoconnect для водоблоков kryographics, ширина 4 слотов для 2 видеокарт

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The kryoconnect direct connection kit allows to directly connect two graphics card waterblocks (kryographics series) and can be used for SLI or Crossfire systems.
The kit comes with a connection block made of Delrin which replaces the connection blocks of the individual water blocks. The graphics card may have a spacing of two or three slots (meaning one or two slots remain unused between the graphics cards).The unused connection can be sealed with a stainless steel plates which is included in delivery. A sealing screw is also supplied and can be used to determine whether the waterblocks are connected in parallel or in series.

Suitable for the following waterblocks:
kryographics for GTX Titan (art. 12670, 12673, 12684, 12685)

Works with one or two unused slot between the PCIe slots.

Scope of delivery:

1 connection block made of Delrin
1 sealing plates made of stainles steel
2 gaskets
3 screws
1 sealing screws

Please note:
Water blocks, graphics cards and fittings are not included in delivery, please order separately. Threads are G 1/4. SLI/Crossfire operation is also possible without this conversion kit using bent fittings.
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