Фильтрующий элемент для Aquacomputer aquaduct I - IV

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Код артикула: 32127
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Filter element for insertion into an aquaduct side profile. The filter unit is very easy to install and can be removed and cleaned at any time.
To install the filter simply remove the plexi cover of the aquaduct and insert the filter element into the left side profile. A seal on the filter element effectively prevents coolant passing without being filtered. For cleaning the filter unit can simply be removed and cleaned with e.g. a brush. The filter mesh is firmly attached to the Delrin frame. Even though the mesh is extremely fine the flow is barely obstructed, the reduction is approx. 1%. Flow control is recommended to notice a clogged filter.

Technical details:
Frame material: Black Delrin
Mesh material: Stainless steel

Only for use with an aquaduct, not included. Compatible with all aquaduct versions and revisions (mark I/II/III, eco)

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