Вентилятор для корпуса be quiet! SilentWings 3 140мм High-Speed

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Virtually silent, extraordinary cooling

be quiet! SilentWings® fans are known for their cutting-edge technology, virtually silent operation, and extraordinary cooling power. The third generation of this multiple-award-winning fan series offers unparalleled and uncompromising performance with many intelligent optimisations: a high-quality 6-pole motor, a durable fluid dynamic bearing, unique airflow-optimised fan blades, as well as a rubberised fan frame with funnel-shaped air intakes.

The SilentWings® 3 140mm high-speed model produces extremely high air pressure, making it especially well-suited for use in high-performance water- and air-cooling systems.

Performance Features

Virtually Silent Operation

  • Good balance between volume and power with 28.1dB(A) at 1,600 RPM
  • 6-pole motor with three phases for very low power consumption and quiet, nearly vibration-free operation
  • Cutting-edge fluid dynamic bearing ensures a lifespan of up to 300,000 hours
  • Seven fan blades with optimised surface structure ensure excellent airflow
  • The rubberised fan frame is equipped with funnel-shaped air intakes for extremely high air pressure
  • Removable anti-vibration attachments minimise vibrations transferred to the PC case and surrounding components
  • High-quality IC motor control reduces electronic sounds

Product Conception, Design, and Quality Control in Germany

  • Especially well-suited for use in high-performance water- and air-cooling systems

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 140mm
  • +SilentWings: ?
  • Revolutions at 12V (RPM): 1,600
  • Displacement volume at 12V (cfm, m3/h): 77.57 / 131.79
  • Air pressure at 12V (mm H2O): 2.16
  • Volume at 12V (dB(A)): 28.1

Mechanical Specifications

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 140 x 140 x 25mm
  • Bearing technology: FDB
  • Motor technology: 6-pole fan motor
  • Weight including fixed cables (kg): 0.167
  • Push pin attachment: ?
  • Screw attachment: ?

Cables and Connectors

  • Connector plug: 3-pin
  • Cable length (mm): 500
  • Cable sheathing: ?

Performance Data and Volume

  • Displacement volume at 12V (cfm, m3/h): 77.57 / 131.79
  • Air pressure at 12V (mm H2O): 2.16
  • Volume at 12V (dB(A)): 28.1
  • Lifespan at 25°C (hours): 300,000

Electrical Data

  • Rated voltage (V): 12
  • Operating voltage range (V): 5 ~ 13.2
  • Rated current (A): 0.14
  • Maximum current (A): 0.5
  • Power consumption (W): 6


  • 12V to 7V adapter: ?
  • 12V to 5V adapter: ?
  • Attachment screws: 5
  • Push pins: 5
  • Plastic washers: 5
  • Misc.: rubber & hard plastic mountings



Общие характеристики
Цвет ротора черный
Цвет рамки черный
Производитель be quiet!
Размер вентилятора 140 мм
Скорость вращения 1600 об/мин
Диапазон скорости вращения 1500 - 1950 об/мин
Управление скоростью вращения (PWM) Да
Подсветка Нет
Минимально допустимое напряжение 5 В
Статическое давление 2,16 мм водяного столба
Разъем питания 3-Pin Molex
Время наработки на отказ (MTBF) 300000 ч
Диапазон уровня шума 20 - 29,9 дБ(А)
Уровень шума 28,1 дБ(А)
Номинальное напряжение 12 В
Размеры 140 × 140 × 25 мм
Диапазон воздушного потока 100 - 149 м3/ч
Код производителя BL069
Штрихкод 4260052184745
Примечание Товар поставляется только после полной предоплаты
Вес 0.3 кг
Потребляемая мощность 6 Вт
Воздушный поток 131,79 м3/ч
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