Пылевой фильтр для вентилятора Silverstone 140мм (SST-FF143W) - белый с магнитным креплением

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Код артикула: 1012338
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? Convenient magnetized design for easy installation
? Ultra fine filter provides great dust reduction properties
? Compatible with most 140mm fans or vents

Dust can be a computer system’s worst enemy as it has the potential to lower cooling performance or cause damage when left overly accumulated. But most fan filters are a hassle to install so SilverStone created an easy to use FF143 fan filter. The FF143 has embedded magnet in its frame so it can be effortlessly attached to any steel chassis without tools. Its 140mm size is also compatible with most 120mm fan vents so it can be used in many places that require filtering. For those looking for dust reduction for component longevity with increased cooling efficiency, the FF143 is an excellent buy.

Technical Details:
Color: White
Material: PVC/magnet
Application: 140mm size filter
Net Weight: 17g
Dimension: 140 x 140 x 1.5mm

Special Features

Remove package before use
Store the filter separately during transportation of your chassis
This fan filter has magnet on one side only

Общие характеристики
Производитель Silverstone
Размер вентилятора 140 мм
Код производителя SST-FF143W
Штрихкод 4710007220467
Примечание Товар поставляется только после полной предоплаты
Вес 0.019 кг
Цвет белый
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