Датчик расхода жидкости GMR (наружная резьба G1/2") - Acetal

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Finally we can offer flow sensors for Highflow systems. What sets this sensor apart from the other products on the market is the fact that the flow is barely obstructed. The sensor is equipped with a 1/2" outer thread, therefore an adaptor piece (Art.No. 64002 and 95015) or special fittings are required.

This version is additionally equipped with monitoring electronics which can be connected to common monitoring devices such as the Aquaero or the T-Balancer etc. via a 3-Pin cable. A special nozzle for systems with lower flow rates included.

Technical data:
Without nozzle: Measurement possible from 60l/h with 492 pulses per liter
With nozzle: Measurement possible from 30l/h with 1200 pulses per liter (The nozzle may result in some problems with some monitoring devices with flow rates in excess of 100l/h)

To conclude: This flow rate sensor is perfect for anyone who wants minimum flow resistance. Even users with less powerful pumps and flow-oriented cooling loops can use this sensor as measurement is possible from 30l/h up.

+ Very low flow resistance
+Almost inaudible at common flow rates
+ Noise emission only with high flow rates, and even then very quiet operation

Inlet is the side with the smaller diameter, Outlet the side with the larger inner diameter.

Flow sensor round-up

Please note: When professionally installed the GMR seals tightly with the seal. Otherwise please use additional Phobya Thread sealing tape (Art.No.: 32002).

Using reducer couplers must be used a little thread sealing tape so that it seals to 100%!

Note on sensor compatibility:
Flow rate sensors are only suited to be connected to a compatible monitoring device and CAN NOT be directly connected to e.g. the fan connector on a Mainboard, as the sensors do not output the required pulse rate as a fan does. The only way of realizing such an arrangement is the Pulsmatik (Art.No.: 71000) which can be looped in between sensor and Mainboard. For the pure cost factor we do not recommend this solution but rather the purchase and connection of a compatible fan monitor and controller.

Note regarding power supply:
Should the values from the flow sensor vray greatly, the input voltage is too low. To solve this problem it suffices to connect the +5V lead not to the +5V output of the controller but to the +12V supply from the PSU. As the sensor requires a voltage of 5-24V and some controllers only supply 4.9V these deviation may be caused.

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