Датчик расхода жидкости Aquacomputer для помпы Eheim compact 600 в радиаторе airplex

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The Compact 600 pump module of the airplex modularity system is already prepared for installation of a flow rate sensir. This rebuilding kit contains a suitable impleller as well as the sensor cover and connection cable for direct connection with the pump electronics from the 12V version of the pump module. For the 230V version an additional aquaero 5 XT/PRO/LT, poweradjust or an aquastream XT pump is needed for monitoring of the sensor signal (not included).

Please ensure that the calibration value is set correctly!

Compatible with all radiators of the airplex modularity system with Compact 600 pump module.

Extent of delivery:
1 Impeller
1 sensor cover
1 connection cable

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